Our vineyard

Whenua Matua is the name of the vineyard where the grapes for Aronui wines are grown. The name means significant land—and significant it is. The vineyard is on tribal land in the Moutere Hills region and has remained in the ownership of its traditional owners. This vineyard is extremely special to those associated with Aronui. It has spectacular views of the mountains in Kahurangi National Park, including Mt Pukeone, the ancestral mountain of the tribes of the neighbouring town of Motueka.

The Moutere Hills region is composed of gentle rolling country with clay soils laced with layers of gravel. The climate here is warm with high sunshine hours, and the vineyard is on sloping, mainly north-facing country. These slopes experience excellent airflow during frost-prone periods. As a result of the elevation, the vineyard is exposed to breezes, which help in drying the canopy and reducing disease. Soils found on some areas of Whenua Matua are heavier and composed of clay, ideal for Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.

As well as growing superb grapes in our vineyard, we have significant plantings of New Zealand native species. We protect existing ecosystems and are involved in annual plantings to enhance them. The practice of nurturing and giving back to the land is paramount to our beliefs and culture. Our vineyards are certified by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand.

Vineyard manager

Jonny Hiscox has been involved in the viticulture industry since he arrived in New Zealand from his native UK in 1993. In his role as Aronui vineyard manager, he has been responsible for the establishment of a 33-hectare vineyard in an area previously covered in gorse.

Jonny loves the outdoors and is passionate about our lands as well as the culture and ethos of our organisation.